The uses of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence for Content Management

We live in a world where each day we have less time. We are busy. That is all. We have new technologies, devices, plugins, applications and services being launched every single day. We also have a lot to read, to see, to watch, to like and to share. Everything is new and trendy. At the same time that in a few seconds it is already past. In case we want to keep ourselves up to date in all these topics, we would need some help. We probably think that somehow all the technologies and facilities are here to help us having more time. The good thing about it is that they really are. One interesting thing is that not just new technologies and researches, for example, are trying to give us more time. Some “old” or even “ongoing” studies, researches or technologies are also helping us to get the so dreamed and precious time.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are two “old but gold” field of Computer Science that studies and researches techniques of intelligence in machines. The first one is responsible to give machines the ability to learn through data. The second tries to create intelligent machines that could work and react like humans. Content Management is a set of processes and also technologies to collect, organize and deliver information on diverse formats like videos, images, text, audio and multimedia. These three “complex” topics are really good related. Maybe it is not the newest trend and also not something that everybody knows it exists. They are everywhere in the everyday life and there are a lot of more good things being developed about these topics. Maybe we just did not realize. Not yet.


Assuming that the relationship between humans and devices needs to be facilitated, the Text to Speech – technology that converts text in spoken voice – is used to communicate with the user when reading or looking at a screen is not possible. It can offer numerous benefits for people and companies. For the users this technology makes content and information faster and accessible. It can help in the learning process offering comfortable ways to learn and comprehend information. For companies it can increase the accessibility of the content and the number of visitors in a website. The access to the user’s information also helps the companies to create personalized content for each user.


Thinking about communication, social network and digital technologies you immediately get connected with people interaction. When people start to interact, feelings starts to show up. At this moment, a process called Sentiment Analysis – based on algorithms using natural language to categorize text as positive, neutral or negative – can help companies, marketing teams, researches and even politics in the investigation of online texts to determine the emotional emphasis. Using Sentiment Analysis companies can find out people’s attitude through text and see their mentions, feedback and experience with products, service and brands and use this data to create directed marketing campaigns, for example.


Considering the consumption of information and the amount of time available, we often need to decide for what comes the fastest at us. The Text Classification – uses Machine Learning to automate tasks and make the processes fast and efficient – find solutions for the classification of texts, or documents into more defined categories and optimize the time and the topic the reader wants to consume. For the companies it is a good process together with Sentiment Analysis to understand customer behavior categorizing conversations on social networks, feedback about products and companies. For the users this organization facilitates the search and navigation, making the way to the product or content easier and fast.

In conclusion, to live in a word with millions of information and content, we need to be directed to reliable and effective results. These results could be a product, a service, content or something else we need and do not have time to do it properly like in the former times. All the technologies, devices and researches are being developed in a smart structure to help companies with products and services, for instance, to give us more time and fulfill our wants, needs and desires. As demonstrated, they are making everyday efforts to make us being unique and have things thought and prepared to give us more time to dedicate to ourselves.


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